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VTC Supporters

The VTC Supporters requests are now OPEN !

Open Contact us here:

Community Supporters

You are a gaming community linked to ETS2 or TruckersMP and wish to work in cooperation with OCSC Event?

Open Contact us here:

Being a Supporter of OCSC Event means opting for a serious and committed relationship.
We are therefore looking for reliable Supporters, having for values, trust and respect.

Conditions to become Supporter & information

I want my VTC to support OCSC Event :

Conditions :

  • The VTC Leaders must be present on our OCSC Event 🚕🚚🚛 discord server.
  • You need to have a minimum of 20 drivers in your VTC.
  • You VTC need to have a good reputation on TruckersMP Community.
  • Asking us at least 1 convoy per month, on public server or Event server (only 1 convoy is needed to enter our conditions)
  • Display the banner "OCSC Event" on your TB or TMP page and website if you have one
  • Display on your event publication (TMP page) that you are being supported by OCSC Event (using the banner or any other communication means)

The benefits :

  • VTC Supporter role on discord
  • VTC Supporters adds on our website (as currently) + on TB if you don't publish on this platform
  • Private channel between the EM of your VTC and the OCSC Event EM to transmit your private convoy information
  • Set up a CEO/COO/EM communication channel of your VTC + OCSC Event Staff, on which we will send you all the invitations we receive, to book a slot for all of us, or to discuss if each of us books.
    We receive many invitations from VTCs who want our partners/supporters to participate with us on their Events.
  • Priority to book a slot on our Monthly Event, in advance of our Community
  • Better leaving order on each convoy supervised by OCSC Event
  • Priority on our Events Calendar when you need to book an Event supervised by OCSC Event

Please contact us by our "Contact page" if you are interested, and send us the names of your VTC members to be defined in the EM role please.