Recruitment - Convoy Control Truck

Open until 31 Aug 17:00 UTC

Recruitment #7 - Apply for Convoy Control Truck


  • Be a member of our Discord server: OCSC Event 🚕🚚🚛
  • Have participated in the OCSC Event convoys
  • Be familiar with the OCSC Event organisation
  • Have the Promods on ETS2
  • Understand and speak basic English
  • Have a good sense of organization and demonstrate maturity

To become Convoy Control Truck, Please consider only the following conditions :

  • Be over 12 years old and demonstrate maturity.
  • Be a member of the OCSC Event discord server
  • Understanding written and spoken English (basic)
  • Minimum 100 hours of play on ETS2
  • Be available for voice chat on the day of the convoy
  • Not to have had a ban in the last 30 days

Your application will be processed on your maturity, seriousness and motivation.


Convoy Control Truck is in charge of supervising MEGAS in Events server

0 / 200
Minimum: 200 | 0 / 5000