Recruitment - Official Streamer

Open until 16 Jul 12:00 UTC

Recruitment #12 - Apply for Official Streamer


  • Be a member of our Discord server: OCSC Event 🚕🚚🚛
  • Have participated in the OCSC Event convoys
  • Be familiar with the OCSC Event organisation
  • Have the Promods on ETS2
  • Understand and speak basic English
  • Have a good sense of organization and demonstrate maturity

To join a position of Official Streamer, within OCSC you will need to :

  • Having experience with Twitch, Streaming, the software etc..
  • Having a high quality in the game and a good internet connection
  • Having a good knowledge of the English language and being able to speak it fluently.
  • You should be available at our Events (Monthly Events are mandatory)
You have the required criteria :
  • The management will then contact you to assess your motivations, in the next 72 hours.
  • Successful training with our Trainer will allow you to join the team.


The Official Streamer is the person in charge of streaming OCSC Events, on the main Twitch channel of the OCSC Event organization. He gets community benefits by becoming an Official Streamer for our organization !

0 / 200
Minimum: 200 | 0 / 5000
0 / 200
Minimum: 200 | 0 / 5000