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Posted by Antho (Senior Project Manager) 16 Jun 02:17

Dear community,
More and more of you are joining OCSC Event, and we would like to thank you for your support of our community and for the solidarity you show to each other every day !

We would like to share with you some figures and future developments as we have always done, because it is above all the key to success to be totally transparent with your community and to offer them certain advantages.

- Discord server

As this curve shows, our evolution is more than good in terms of new members, we have exceeded the threshold of 700 members for the month of June (not available on our current analysis) Join our Official Discord server :

- Nitro discord server

Some of our members have invested in the nitro discord server to support OCSC Event. They will now benefit from some exclusive advantages on our megas with assigned seats on the basic partner slots. A giveaway is also currently under consideration.

- Instant Gaming (IG)

IG is a video game platform that offers its buyers huge promotions of up to 70% off. We have therefore requested a partnership with this platform. By buying your games through our IG affiliate link, you buy your games at the same price while supporting us. IG thanks us for advertising for them by allowing us to get 3% on your spending in their games. You pay for your games at the same rate as if you didn't use our affiliate link, so don't hesitate to use it. All funds raised go back into the giveaways set up by OCSC Event.

- Photo Contest

Our discord server is now equipped with a banner, we want to make our community react on it, by participating each month to a photo contest. The most beautiful photo chosen by the jury, under a particular theme, will be defined in the banner for the month to come. We will offer this member a 5€ gift card and we will publish their photo on our social networks with links to their ad.

- OCSC Patreon

OCSC Event being now an association, we have chosen to set up a donation system through a Patreon. As any project that invests in its community, it is essential to get donations to support its perrenity. This is why we are currently working on this project and the benefits we can offer.

- OCSC Monthly Event

We have recently made the choice to no longer run our Monthly Events on a TMP event server, except for very large events that require the support and security offered by the dedicated TruckersMP servers. The explanation is simple: by running our Monthly Events with more than 100 drivers on Event server, we will not be able to offer you in-game visibility. Our goal has always been to allow you to be part of convoys of many nationalities, to show the community how united your VTCs are and how important and united they are. The fact that we are developing our Monthly Events into PROMODS, will allow you to benefit from a healthy and relatively safe server, but also to meet other players during our events and maybe create new relations !

- OCSC Event | 2 Years anniversary

We are fast approaching our 2 years of activity, and it is with great pleasure that we announce that we have chosen to be supported by the TMP team for this event. 5 DLCs (Heart of Russia) as a giveaway will be offered to you if you participate to this event. We have specially planned a discord server for the occasion, which will broadcast the event live for all those who wish to participate. Our giveaway takes place on this server.

Join our 2 Years Anniversary Discord :
Registration on TruckersMP :

In short, as soon as you invest yourself in the OCSC Event community, we thank you with gifts, benefits, partnerships...
We do everything in our power to thank you all without forgetting one of you !

OCSC Event | Communication Team,

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