June Newsletter

Posted by VeDoxe (Community Manager) 04 Jun 17:03

OCSC Event : 500th Convoy !!!

On May 8, 2022, we supervised on the event of our partner "Amart Logistics" VTC, our 500th convoy, since the opening of the OCSC Event on September 15th 2019!

Indeed, we would like to thank all of you for your enthusiasm and your solidarity on our community for these many months ! :heart: https://discord.gg/ocsc-event

New VTCs Supporters !

A total of 8 new VTCs have joined our VTC supporter program and are now part of OCSC as Gold Supporter VTC and 2 of which are part of the Silver Supporter VTC.
We hope to have a great time togehter with them here at OCSC ! If you also want to become a VTC Supporter please click here to apply: https://ocsc.fr/supporters

OCSC Monthly Event !

The next Monthly OCSC Event will take place on Simulation 1 !
Registrations on TMP : https://truckersmp.com/events/8449

On this occasion of the release of the Renault pack DLC, 2 giveaways "Renault Trucks T Tuning Pack " are to be won since our event is on the Renault theme!

We look forward to seeing you again at our Convoy, this next Sunday June 12nd !

Picture Of The Month :

On May month,
the best picture of the month on the theme "June Pride" was chosen by the community and the winner is Gani from Star Logistics !
He wins a 15€ Steam gift card and the choice of the next theme for the POTM of June which is "Mountains".
Congrats to the winner !

OCSC Patreons !

We thank the 10 Patreon contributors who support us on our projects ! We are at 55 euros collected this month.

We have thought of a small budget patreon of 1€, this one is in progress, please keep an eye in the channel announcement to know when it will be introduced.

Want to support OCSC Event ? just follow our Public page : https://www.patreon.com/ocscevent

Staff updates / Promotions :

New CC Car Trainee:

Vtec, Lollorollo

New CC Truck:

Kipson, oshee_man, GolDwiN, Laur Costi, Mr Barbecue, Nightrider, Suraboopathyk, Toth. , Bharat, Guapo, Ghost

New Official Streamer:


New Media Team:

Gani, oshee_man, oskarix, relamqui

New Community Team:



Community Manager : VeDoxe
Recruitment Team : Acesteely20
Recruitment Team : Master Oogway
Recruitment Team : XpertKenaTion
Media Manager : Mert
CC Trainer : AMatEus31
CC Car : AMatEus31
CC Car : Acesteely20
CC Car : AyushSaxena
CC Car : Pup Marshall
CC Car : Petite Bubuche
CC Car Trainee : Rundred

At the same time, 12 staff members decided to leave for the reasons explained on our discord server.

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