May Newsletter

Posted by Antho (Project Manager) 06 May 09:01

OCSC Patreons !

We thank the 12 Patreon contributors who support us on our projects ! We are at 90 euros collected this month.
From now, our OCSC Patreons have access to a skin for the singleplayer game. Thanks to our Media Team Scary from Prime Logistics for this add-on !

Want to support OCSC Event ? just follow our Public page :

New VTCs Supporters !

2 VTCs have recently joined us in our supporter program and we would like to thank them very much ! They are Star Alliance Inter. Logistics and Se7eN VTC !
Find out more about them on their VTC TruckersMP page :

OCSC Monthly Event !

The next Monthly OCSC Event will take place on Simulation 1 DLC France, and will be supervised by our Partner ConSecGroup !
Registrations on TMP :

We look forward to seeing you again at our Convoy, this next Wednesday May 11st !
On this occasion, 2 giveaways "Mercedes actros tuning pack" can be won since our event is on the mercedes theme !

Picture Of The Month :

On April month, The best Picture Of The Month on the theme "Port" was chosen by the community and the winner is Mert from Amart Logistics !
He wins a 5€ Steam gift card and the choice of the next theme for the POTM of May which is "Pride June".
Congrats to the winner !

OCSC Event Recruitments :

We are always short of staff, so we have decided to launch a massive recruitment campaign in May !
Check out our recruitment page, all our recruitments are open until May 16th !

Become CC Car ?
Become CC Truck ?
Become Official Streamer ?
Become Community Team ?
Become Media Team / Designer Team ?
Become Event Team ?

Don't hesitate to join us !

Staff updates : 50 april updates on our staff

New CC Car Trainee:

Junior, Bubuche (TGO), Pup Marshall (ConSecGroup), TheRoyalGamer (Spark Logistics)

New CC Truck:

Jiwool (Bruijn Logistics), XpertKenation (ML), Acesteely20 (ConSecGroup), Limek (Lider-Logistics PL)

New Media Team:

Mytrix (Bruijn Logistics)

New TruckersMP Game Moderator Support:

GEMINI, TreesFamilyMember, Moy


From CCC Trainee to CC Car : Irinel, Tom&Jerry, Wander
From CC Truck to CCC Trainee : Sam4soumen & ASEM
From Media Team to CC Supervisor : TruckerDan
New Community Team : Bubuche & FaizurRahman
From Discord Moderation Manager to Community Manager : MrDoom
Event Team Promotion : Wander (Event Team Creator)

At the same time, 21 staff members decided to leave for the reasons explained on our discord server.

Project Improvement:

In April, the "Epsilon Group" was born from the idea of our founder "Vincenzo".

It now has 2 subsidiaries:

  • OCSC Event (Convoy organization managed by "Antho" & "Vaso")
  • Prism Logistics (VTC managed by "Antho" & "Cha0tiCks")

We will reveal more in the coming months, as "Epsilon Group" is now the parent company of OCSC Event, but the discord is still under construction...

We are also preparing many projects on our website, one of which is long awaited by our community...

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