April Newsletter

Posted by Antho (Project Manager) 03 Apr 16:19

Next OCSC Monthly Event : Promods Event !

The next Monthly OCSC Event will take place on Promods server !
Registrations on TMP : https://truckersmp.com/events/7964

We look forward to seeing you again at our Convoy, this next Wednesday April 13rd !

March Picture Of The Month : "Tunnels"

On March month, the best picture of the month on the theme "Tunnel" was chosen by the community and the winner is TarteGraphique from Bruijn Logistics !
He wins a 5€ Steam gift card and the choice of the next theme for the POTM of April which is "Port".
Congrats to the winner !

Recruitment : CC Car, CC Truck, Official Streamer...

In view of the significant growth in requests for supervision, we are massively recruiting CC Cars, CC Trucks and Official streamers !
Internal recruitment for other positions is also taking place on our server staff.

Become CC Car ? https://ocsc.fr/recruitments/6
Become CC Truck ? https://ocsc.fr/recruitments/7
Become Official Streamer ? https://ocsc.fr/recruitments/12

Don't hesitate to join us !

OCSC Patreon : 11 OCSC Patreons

We thank the 11 Patreon contributors who support us on our projects ! We are at 74 euros collected this month.
We are currently working on the new benefits. A skin has been put in place recently. Thanks to our Media Team Scary from Prime Logistics !

Want to support OCSC Event ? just follow our Public page : https://www.patreon.com/ocscevent

Staff updates : 41 march updates on our staff

New CC Car Trainee:

Scrat (Dead FR), Ghost (THF), Declan (TMP VTC), AyushSaxena (ITVTC)

New CC Truck:

Aytomix (TGI), Aced, Arkarious (ITVTC), Jokers (Amart Logistics)

New Media Team:

TruckerDan (Star Logistics), Goldwin (Transport Vendéen), Scary (Prime Logistics), Thiel (TNT Log)


From EM to CC Car : Cha0ticks (OCSC Event)
From RT to MT : Samaritan (Bruijn Logistics)
From MT to CCT : Junior95 (Prime Logistics)
From MM to DM : Felix (Prime Logistics)


Designer Team : Mert (Amart Logistics)
Event Team Megas : Amateus (TGO)
Event Team Announcer : Doom (VTC AA)
CC Car Trainee : Irinel
CC Car Trainee : Wander (FGT)
CCC Manager : MJRLegends (Phoenix)
Event Team Announcer : Maxim (Bruijn Logistics)
CC Car Trainee : Amateus (TGO)
Event Manager : Kev_Hapunkt (VTC AA)

At the same time, 12 staff members decided to leave for the reasons explained on our discord server.

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