Opening website!

Posted by Antho (Senior Project Manager) 23 Apr 17:23

After almost 2 months of work, we are pleased to announce the long-awaited opening of our new website!
More professional, easier to use, more features, ...

We have made a lot of effort to offer you the best experience within the OCSC Event community, and these efforts will not stop there; our new website will be updated often, with new features for visitors and our team members.

About our new website and some of its assets:

  • a custom, very short domain name
  • a better, smoother design, with a much more appreciable dark theme
  • a more complete and user-friendly structure for our members
  • live broadcast of our Twitch stream directly on the website
  • an optimized convoy management system linked to TruckersMP
  • recruitment and partnership understandable and accessible at the first click
  • a forum easily accessible to all
  • without forgetting our new Staff Hub and its various internal features ...

We do hope you will enjoy this new design, revamping of our website and its features and thank you once again for your collaboration with OCSC Event!

See you soon on the roads!

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