March Newsletter

Posted by Antho (Project Manager) 17 Mar 10:23

New VTC Supporters

A total of 5 new VTC have joined our VTC supporter program and are now part of OCSC as Gold Supporter VTC.
We hope to have a great time togehter with them here at OCSC ! If you also want to become a VTC Supporter please click here to apply:

- Transport Grand Ouest :

- Sadakat Logistics :

- Tradeaux Transport :

- Team Transport FR :

- Roadrunner Transporte :

Next OCSC Monthly Event :

The next Monthly from OCSC Event is a Promods Event: Go to Kirkenes !

We look forward to seeing you again at our Convoy, this next Wednesday April 13rd !

New colors at OCSC Event :

In view of the high demand for convoy supervision per month and the significant growth of our team (although we are still short of staff), our colours have been definitively readjusted in line with our logo.

Staff updates :

- New CC Truck : La buche, Asem, Amateus, Dead4now, Oogway, Maxim., Aventador7777

- New CC Car Trainee :
Topmick, Bioman, Gummy Be

- New Staff :
Shadows as Discord Moderator, David as Project Manager, Chaoticks CC Car

- Promotions :
Felix as Media Manager, bluca as Designer Team, Rundred as Designer Team, MJRLegends as CC Supervisor, Kev as Event Supervisor, Gummy as CC Car,

Picture of the Month :

"Kev" won on february, the best picture of the month on the theme "country roads" and 4 giveaways made directly on the OCSC Event discord server. Congrats to the winners !

Recruitment :

In view of the significant growth in requests for supervision, we are massively recruiting Event Teams (several sections possible), CC Cars, CC Trucks and Official streamers! Internal recruitment for other positions is also taking place on our server staff

Become an OCSC Event Team ?
Become an OCSC CC Car ?
Become an OCSC CC Truck ?
Become an OCSC Official Streamer ?

OCSC Patreon :

Many thanks to "Hurrican" & "Topmick" for their financial contribution this month as Silver Patreon !
Want to support OCSC Event ? just follow our Public page :

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