Maintaining the OCSC Event Discord Server

Posted by Vincenzo (Project Coordinator) 28 Dec 23:18

OCSC Event Discord Server Maintenance

Start of maintenance : 12/30/2021 at 22:30 UTC

(Estimated maintenance duration time : 5h)

In order to make our Discord server more pleasant to read and use, we have decided to organize a maintenance which will start soon.
Here are the main changes :
  1. 1 - Reorganization of categories and channels :

    • Community (Update)
    • Voice Area (Uptade)
    • OCSC Monthly (New)
    • Convoy Supervision (New)
    • Main Information (New)
    • Contact US (Update)
    • Want to Apply (Update)
    • Funny Area (deletion of "One Word Story")
    • VTC Supporters (Update)
    • OCSC Patreon (Update)
    • Official Streamers (New)
    • OCSC Support (Update)
    • Moderation (Update)
  2. 2 - Deletions

    • 11 categories
    • 113 channels
  3. 3 - Removal and updated emojis,

    • The emojis in front of the different have been removed in order to make it more readable
    • Lag risk limit
    • Server emojis have been updated (in progress)
  4. 4 - Implementation of the "Pictures" category, now including :

    • The official OCSC media
    • Community convoy media
    • The "Picture of the month" event
  5. 5 - Implementation of the Main Informations category, including :

    • Our services
    • Our next Giveways
    • Our section FAQ
  6. 6 - Implementation of the OCSC Monthly category,

    • Announcements of the next convoys / events created by OCSC
  7. 7 - Implementation of the Convoys Supervisions category,

    • Announcements of upcoming convoys / events supervised by OCSC
    • Calendar of the next convoys
    • Announcements of the next convoys of the month
    • Announcements of the next convoys of the week
  8. 8 - Modification of the ticket processing system (Contact US)

    • Support for tickets by category (in progress)
  9. 9 - Modification of the moderation system,

    • New members will have free access to the server (but potentially restricted)
    • Modification of some banned words (immediate post deletion if using)
    • The no of VTC Blacklist will no longer be banned words
    • Moderation can now temporarily switch you into voice and text if warning is not followed
    • Moderation can ban members if they do not respect the rules (without warning)
  10. 10 - New recruitment system,

    • Candidates will obtain a provisional role
    • Candidates will no longer take an exam or interview on the community server
    • Candidates will be invited to join another Discord server
  11. 11 - New system concerning convoy reservation / supervision,

    • VTCs requesting supervision or convoy creation by OCSC must go through the Website
    • The processing of their request will be processed on an external server, an invitation will be sent to them
  12. 12 - Modification concerning roles and permissions,

    • Roles deemed unnecessary are now deleted
    • Some channels closed to the public are now accessible by all
    • Some channels have had their permissions modified (if you lose some access don't worry, this is temporary while the manipulation is in progress)
    • Other changes are coming...
  13. 13 - Categories and channels concerning the OCSC team,

    • Lounges exclusively reserved for the OCSC team have been transferred to an external server to facilitate our organization
    • Our voice channels are now in the ** Voice Area ** category to bring us closer to the community
    • A channel was opened exclusively to the OCSC team with the TMP team present in order to facilitate our relations
  14. 14 - Regarding external servers,

    • A server has been created for VTC using our services
    • New applications will be processed on this same server
    • As well as the next VTC Supporters
    • A server exclusive to our team has been updated

If other changes occur, they will be added as and when !

Due to the estimated working time, we are forced to take a break, know that the maintenance is carried out at 90%, only some permissions and access are still inaccessible to you but will be restored during the day

We apologize for the inconvenience caused

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