OCSC Event : September Newsletter !

Posted by Antho (Project Manager) 09 Sep 17:51

OCSC Event informs you every month about its important projects, to always stay close to you !

We are currently working on the following points, which will be more detailed when they are officially implemented.


• VTC Supporters :

Since OCSC is a convoy organization, not a VTC, we have chosen to modify our partnership system for VTCs wishing to support us.
They will be able to benefit from exclusive advantages, provided they ask us for 1 supervision per month.

Example :
• AT ITA (1 convoy per week + 1 mega per month),
• Colombian Logistics (1 mega per month),
• BAP VTC (1 mega per month),
• RO TE (1 mega per month, or even more),
• VTC AA (1 convoy per month),
• VTCs asking us for a random supervision


Launch of the Patreon this Wednesday 09.09.2021 !
Click here to Become an OCSC Event PATREON !

Implementation of the OCSC Event Patreon, for the benefit of the whole community.
• Setting up a category for Patreons,
• Adding their profile on our website + Discord on our "Wall of Fame",
• Somes benefits in progress...

• Recruitments :

We have passed the 40 staff mark on our convoy organisation, but we are still recruiting, due to a surge in requests for convoy supervision !

• OCSC Monthly Event :

From now on we will do 1 Mega per month in server events, or Promods. These will take place at 18.00pm UTC in order to gather more VTCs.
Our next dates are scheduled for :
16.10.2021 : OCTOBER Monthly Event
13.11.2021 : NOVEMBER Monthly Event (Funny Event)
11.12.2021 : DECEMBER Monthly Event

• OCSC Event website :

Establishment of a members' area on the OCSC Event website, with a forum integrated into the website.

• Picture of the Month :

This month, try your luck by sending us your most beautiful photo, taken under a sunset !

• OCSC Support :

Our discord support now includes more staff, namely 2 discord moderators and 2 support staff, able to answer all your questions !

If you want to meet us on our International Discord Community, don't hesitate to join us by clicking here !

Kind regards,

Your OCSC Event Team,

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