OCSC Event : August Newsletter !

Posted by Antho (Project Manager) 12 Aug 15:56

OCSC Event informs you every month about its important projects, to always stay close to you !

We are currently working on the following points, which will be more detailed when they are officially implemented.


• Partnership system :

From 19.09.2021 (day after our anniversary OCSC Event), all partnerships will be cancelled, and we will only advertise for VTCs requesting frequent convoy framing (minimum 1 per month).

Example :
• AT ITA (1 convoy per week + 1 mega per month),
• Colombian Logistics (1 mega per month),
• BAP VTC (1 mega per month),
• RO TE (1 mega per month, or even more),
• VTC AA (1 convoy per month),
• VTCs asking us for a random supervision

Only the VTCs who ask us for supervision every month will be privileged on the discord server.

• Patreon OCSC Event :

Implementation of the OCSC Event Patreon, for the benefit of the whole community.
• Setting up a category for Patreons,
• Adding their profile on our website,
• Somes benefits in progress...

• Recruitments :

Our recruitment remains open during our holiday period, and will remain open as long as we need you !
Don't hesitate to apply even if you are not sure you meet all the criteria. Every application is carefully processed by our recruitment team !

• OCSC Monthly Event :

Implementation of only one MEGA OCSC Event per month.
Convoy supervisions from September 2021 onwards will only include supervisions of your respective VTCs, if you ask us to do so.

• OCSC Event website :

Establishment of a members' area on the OCSC Event website, with a forum integrated into the website.

• Picture of the Month :

Modification of the rules for our Monthly Contest on our discord server #picture of the month. An update on the conditions for winning this giveaway will be provided in the coming weeks.

• OCSC Support Event :

Modification of the support on our discord, via our channel #contact_our_support, by using the Ticket Tool BOT.

• Rules on our discord server :

Modification and adjustment of the server rules #server_rules. Please consult them to take note.

• Convoys Alliance :

"Convoy Alliance" project is abandoned too. We prefer to see you (VTCs) create partnerships between you, and eventually ask us to supervise your convoys if you wish.

Only the Korean Alliance is maintained because of its success with our Korean and Taiwanese friends.
If you wish to set up a VTC alliance convoy, and have it supervised by OCSC Event, as is the case for our Korean Alliance, please contact our Community Manager.

All Partners slots of our anniversary OCSC Event, remain reserved.

We hope that you will continue to trust us as you have done for many months or years for some of you, and that you will not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Kind regards,

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