OCSC Event | 2 Years Anniversary !

Posted by Antho (Senior Project Manager) 26 Jun 09:13

OCSC Event is pleased to invite you to its "2 Years Anniversary" Events planned on September 2021 !

We still have 3 months to go but we already have our own discord server specially created for the event!
Don't hesitate to join it :

Benefits are provided to members especially present on theses Events !
Slots are already available for booking, and somes of them are already booked. We hope to see many of you there !

Don "t hesitate to register on TruckersMP, while waiting for the official publication of the convoy information!

Saturday 18.09.2021 at 13.00 UTC | 2 Years Anniversary Official Event : (TMP Event server Simulation) https://truckersmp.com/events/2442

Friday 25.09.2021 at 19.00 UTC | 2 Years Anniversary Event 2nd Edition : (Promods) https://truckersmp.com/events/3054

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